What is an Internet Marketing Business Incubator and What Can it Do For You?


Internet Marketers starting out are generally individuals working from home or small home offices following their dreams to work for themselves and become financially independent.

They may have a day job, be unemployed, stay at home parents, students or just about anyone who has a dream to generate a passive source of income and be able to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

The major issue for Internet Marketers is lack of resources whether that be:

1) Time to work on or learn the necessary skills to run their business,
2) Money to invest in website development and marketing requirements,
3) Internet marketing specialist software packages,
4) Planning and strategy knowledge and know-how to ensure the product or service they have chosen to create or promote has a large enough market potential to realize the projected ROI.

An Internet Marketing Business Incubator sets out to change the way the game is played for all Internet Marketers.

How Does It Work?

Lets be clear, an Internet Marketing Business Incubator is not a continuity program or a program that has monthly subscription fees, there are a lot of programs or system already available that people subscribe to and are granted access to certain methods, strategies and tools for these fees.

An Incubator is a safe community for birthing fresh, innovative new Internet Marketing Business Ideas. It provides access to software, business analysis, marketing expertise, skills training and even funding.

So who operates an incubator and what is in it for them? Typically an incubator will not ask for a monthly fee for participation but rather a different remuneration method to achieve their return on investment. This may vary from ownership equity positions in the business to a profit share arrangement for the life of the business or a set time period, or even a combination of both.

Depending on the amount of funding and time that is required to successfully evaluate and analyze the concept and develop marketing plans to create a sustainable business model or maintain operational funding; the Investment Model will change as will the amount of equity or profit share percentage and required payback period.

The Incubator will generally have a number of businesses they are working with simultaneously to develop new Internet Business Ideas so the incubator has an opportunity to cross-pollinate strategies and ideas to all these businesses.

This integral community of sharing serves to benefit not only the Incubators and their needs but the morphing and molding of these participating incubated businesses with the most innovative strategies and analysis horizontally as well.

Micro Venture Capitalism

In some ways the incubator acts as a Seed Capitalist or Angel Investor or Venture Capitalists with a twist. It is Micro Venture Capitalism where both parties work together, with their commonly agreed goals in mind to achieve the set ROI in the defined time periods by utilizing the funding, software tools, embedded knowledge and a co-operative, entrepreneurial spirit.

The Internet Marketing Business Incubator goes beyond the general Joint Venture arrangements or Syndicates that enable internet marketers to utilize each other's lists and to cross promote their products.

Why Join An Internet Marketing Business Incubator?

  • Access to a wide range of specialized software that may be too expensive for internet marketers to purchase individually but as per the licensing agreements of the software can be used in any online venture by the original purchaser if they have an interest that business.
  • Micro Venture Capitalism – funding to inject into the business to get it launched professionally to make the greatest impact and maximize success potential.
  • One on One Knowledge Transfer and Horizontal Market Creative Cross-Pollinization
  • Skill Training , Professional Business Acumen, Market Strategy and Analysis
  • Access to customer lists from both parties much like a JV partnership
  • Resource sharing – time, creativity, PLR products.

As all of the financial risk is typically borne by the Incubator and the participants share their innovative business ideas, a clear and detailed description of the business idea is required and both parties goals for revenue, profit, desired results and trust are required.

Ultimately the goal of an Internet Marketing Business Incubator is to make the businesses capable of creating the passive income and profit desired and to enable bootstrapping of the business enabling future and continued operation, growth, income and everything this can provide.

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