How To Put An End To Guitar Teacher Insanity and Make A Great Income In Your Teaching Business


Albert Einstein famously uttered the following phrase: "Insanity is: doing the same exact thing time and time again while expecting to get entirely different results." This is very relevant for guitar teachers, because this is how most of them think when it comes to earning a great living teaching guitar lessons … and this is the fundamental reason why they will NOT become extremely successful.

"Guitar teaching insanity" is what happens when you imitate what other teachers are doing in an attempt to grow your own guitar teaching business. Truth is, most guitar teachers have no clue about what they should be doing to build a successful guitar teaching business … and simply guess their way forward (with no results). So when you copy what other guitar teachers are doing then you end up repeating these incorrect things time and time again in your business …
The following are six major reasons why copying local guitar teachers ensures that you will not make great money teaching guitar:

Reason # 1 – Most Guitar Instructors Will Never Be Able To Earn More Than They Currently Make

You already understand that most guitar instructors teach only a few students and make very little. However, out of those who gain a decent level of financial success (such as making "a minimum" of $ 60k – $ 75k per year teaching) almost ALL of them will get STUCK at that level and never move to $ 85k, 100k, 150k, 250k + etc. in income.

This is why:

The approach and strategies that aid you in attracting your first 25 students will NOT help you get to 50 students … and the strategies that get you to 50 students won't get you to 115 students. The more students you schedule, the more refined your teaching systems must be … or you will totally work yourself to death trying to keep up with your growing business. In nearly all cases, these teachers stop trying to build their business beyond a specific point … staying stuck at whatever level their restrictive business model enables them to achieve.

What does this information signify for you? If your desire is to make WAY more money than an "average" teacher, then STOP trying to mimic the business practices other teachers use (who have already accomplished the precise level of success you want to achieve).

Reason # 2 – Most Guitar Instructors Hardly Make Much Money At All

Many guitar teachers rely heavily on the common advice they hear from one another about how you can earn good money through teaching – becoming broke in the process. These are three horrible (yet extremely common) pieces of advice you've likely heard or seen put into practice by most guitar teachers you know:

  1. "You should lower your lesson rates to attract more guitar students." This advice couldn't be more wrong and damaging (both for your income AND for your students).
  2. "You will get more students if you market guitar lessons for all different styles."
  3. "Summer is an extremely slow time for gaining new students … don't worry about advertising during this time – it's not even worth the effort." This thinking will lead you right down the path to complete financial failure … not only in the summer, but for the entire year.

Reason # 3 – Most Guitar Instructors Work Full Time Hours And Feel Stressed Out On A Consistent Basis

One of the worst ways to stress yourself out as a guitar teacher is to mimic the approach of most teachers: attempting to gain as many students as you can – then teaching them all in an exclusively one-on-one format. Most teachers use this approach, (incorrectly) believing that it is the greatest way to make good money.

This approach falls short for a few reasons:

1. You completely (and indefinitely) restrict how much money you can make by only teaching one-on-one lessons.

2. You will feel completely overrun by the enormous amounts of hours you must work when teaching exclusively in a one-on-one format with your students … additionally, you'll need to use time for: getting payments from everyone, re -scheduling for makeup lessons, creating lesson materials, scheduling lesson times in your calendar, taxes, administrative problems, etc. As a result, you'll be left without any time for doing things such as working on your music career, creating music or improving yourself as a musician.

Most guitar instructors must choose between two things: first, they either stop getting more new students, because they won't be able to handle the load (losing income and failing to help as many people as they could) or keep being miserable, frustrated and stressed out from working tons of hours all the time.

Reason # 4 – Most Guitar Teachers Think Of Guitar Teaching Like A Regular "Job"

Most guitar instructors don't treat their guitar teaching like an actual business … instead they treat it like a job . What do I mean? In short: A business earns you money whether you are there or not. A job just pays you whenever you work … and pays you once for that time. Many guitar teachers invest all of their time into "teaching" and never really end up growing their business.

Reason # 5 – Most Guitar Instructors Have ZERO Real Training Or Qualifications To Teach Guitar

Rather than pursuing training to improve their skills, most guitar teachers use a trial and error approach while copying other teachers. Then, new guitar teachers mimic the approach that were previously copied by other teachers before them . Think about what would happen if this kind of "tribal" method for learning was the main learning approach for doctors, lawyers and accountants (for instance) … and you'll instantly understand why it is INSANE to copy the behavior of most guitar teachers.

Reason # 6 – Most Guitar Instructors Cannot Get Anything More Than Mediocre Results With Their Students

If you observe the playing level of the student roster for most guitar teachers, you'll see that the majority of their students are nowhere close to achieving their musical goals. Then, the small minority of students these teachers have who actually CAN play well were already great players before they began lessons. You can easily conclude this is the case when the teacher's amount of "good" students is extremely small compared to the total students being taught.

So what will happen when you copy the approaches used by these teachers? Answer: your students will have a very hard time achieving their goals and you will become "just another so-so guitar teacher".

What You Should Do Instead Of Copying Other Guitar Teachers To Earn More Money

Rather than mindlessly "copying" the approach of other guitar teachers, you have to look for an alternate approach – taking on a totally new concept of yourself and your teaching business. This approach could include a basic change in your perceived role as a guitar teacher, your business methods, and how you present yourself to your students. The greatest, most successful and most desired guitar teachers have all done this. There exist 2 ways for you to do the same in your business:

Get Trained By A Guitar Teaching Expert

The best, most successful and highest-earning guitar teachers work with an experienced guitar teacher trainer to develop their teaching skills, expand their business and move beyond their financial plateaus. By seeking out and getting training, you will put yourself on a completely different level than the vast majority of other teachers who merely depend on guessing, trial and error and word of mouth as their only "credentials".

Notice: as you become much more successful than your local competition, get better results with your students and make more money, you will begin to see other teachers trying to copy YOU. However, you will ALWAYS possess the strategic advantage and be many steps ahead of them, because they will not have the same understanding / skills / training that you do.

Find Other Highly Successful Guitar Teachers … And Learn From Them

Simply copying other (average) guitar teachers will never bring you success … but becoming part of a strategic network filled with CHAMPION 6-figure-making guitar teachers is the quickest proven way skyrocket the success of your business. I've observed this happen many times with my Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle forum members (many of whom make 6-figures + per year, helping hundreds of students every week). Guitar teachers who take part in such a network (and utilize the knowledge they get) INSTANTLY transforms their businesses' success and multiply their incomes.

Hint: it'll be hard to find such a network unless you look far outside your local area. Why? 2 reasons:

1. Highly successful guitar teachers are so difficult to locate, that the chance of you locating "many" of them in your local area is almost zero.

2. All successful guitar teachers in your city will NEVER reveal business secrets to other "local" competitors. In contrast, a network with guitar teachers from areas far apart have no problem discussing strategies, approaching and business ideas – working for everyone's mutual benefit!

Setting yourself apart from the practice of doing what is "common" among guitar teachers may be tough at first – as you find yourself moving far away from what is traditionally accepted. However, as your guitar teaching business expands, your yearly-income and personal freedom soar and your students become awesome players FAST, you will be satisfied knowing that you broke the cycle of "guitar teaching insanity" and chose to go down the road to success .

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