Catholic School Fundraising – Stumped? Try Some of These Ideas


It is never easy to come up with brilliant fund raising ideas. However, the idea usually dictates the outcome of the fundraiser, so it is imperative for the organizers to think of ideas that are sure to become a hit with the students, their parents, and every potential donor they can tap. Ideas for a Catholic school fund raiser do not veer far from the usual fundraisers done by various organizations and communities, except for a few minor exceptions.

For one, these catholic school fund raising activities mainly appeal to the school’s student population. The parents and the previous graduates of the school are potential donors, although the students are the organizers best bet. Anyone not connected to the school are unlikely donors, since they will not see the importance of donating on a cause not relevant to their concerns. And since the fundraiser is organized by a Catholic school, the activities should not go against their beliefs.

Have You Tried a Sale?

But beyond these exceptions and limitations, any catholic fund idea raising school would work. A fundraiser that never goes out of style is the sale fundraiser. There are various types of sales for this endeavor: bake sales, auctions, collaborating with other establishments. These work for other organizations as well, and these ideas work well because of its general nature. The sales do not need to be religion-based, as what others may expect.

How About a Fair?

If the organizers want to take the sale fundraising idea a step further, they can hold a fair. For example, they can hold a book fair in the school. These types of fair have a universal appeal that can entice people outside the school. The organizers of the fundraiser can even invite outsiders to attend the fair so they can have a wider clientele. They can ask for book donations from students and parents and sell them during the fair. The fundraisers can also invite book sellers and publisher to peddle their goods in the school for a minimal fee. This way, the school does not mean to spend anything. And the less the cost, the more the profit!

Ever Considered an Event?

Fundraising events are also a great way to collect funds. This type of fundraiser is one of the most common among Catholic schools, mainly because this can easily grab the attention of the students. For example, the school can hold a Spring Dance or a Halloween Party, and the students can attend for the event for a minimal fee. The school can even encourage them to bring their friends from other schools for a wider clientele and bigger revenue. The organizers can then sell other items at the event for additional profits. If the organizers want to market their event to parents and alumni, they can organize a benefit dinner or a benefit concert.

If the organizers are stumped for ideas, they can turn to the students. They can hold polls to see what type of fundraiser they would want to participate in. The organizers can even hold a writing contest, where the type would be a catholic school fundraising comparative analysis. So try one of these ideas and raise the necessary support for your school.

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